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2 posts found for October 2016

‘Politics, Protectionism and Posturing’

It was announced on Monday that the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy was reopening review proceedings for regulatory approval of the takeover of technology company Aixtron by Chinese investment fund Fujian Grand Chip. According to the bidder, the official reasoning stated that “information available to the German Federal Government indicates the knowhow of AIXTRON also compromises security-related technologies, in particular the defence sector, which could be revealed through…

‘Inmarsat: Rough Seas and Cloudy Skies’

The satellite industry is one which is rather complex and opaque at first glance, and the time needed to develop a meaningful understanding of its dynamics relative to the small number of investable opportunities often leads investors to look elsewhere. Having carried out a review of the industry, including interviews with the main satellite operators, resellers and customers, we believe the satellite industry currently bears a striking similarity to the telecommunications sector in the 1990’s –…