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‘Great Expectations for vaccines threaten more Hard Times’

The Vaccine Swindle – Part 2: There is a widespread and dangerous assumption that a return to normality will only be possible with - and will immediately follow - the approval of a SARS-2/COVID vaccine. Economic destruction from needless lockdowns was a direct consequence of the initial misdiagnosis of COVID as a second “Spanish Flu”. Now in the absence of a credible escape route from their COVID infection suppression policy, the same blundering governments - led by the wrong scientific advisors - look to a vaccine as an alluring overnight solution.

‘The biggest fraud: Part 3 – Investment Implications’

Following unprecedented interest in our previous research on policy error in response to the coronavirus “The biggest fraud: Part 1 – The “hocus” science behind lockdown” and “The biggest fraud: Part 2 – The vaccine swindle” we now publish video blogs on Part 1 and Part 2. Furthermore, we now introduce new material “The biggest fraud: Part 3 – Investment Implications”. We also publish 9 2-minute easily digestible video blogs summarising our views on specific issues. We stand accused of being “armchair…

‘The biggest fraud: Part 2 – The vaccine swindle’

It was originally assumed that only those who had previously been infected by the virus and developed an antibody response had any immunity, hence the initial focus on testing for the presence of these antibodies as well as infection. However, studies of antibodies in formerly infected patients demonstrated accuracy issues which subsequently could be explained instead by the antibodies’ rapid decay in recovering patients. The often disappointingly low levels of antibodies in population samples is often used as evidence…

‘The biggest fraud: Part 1 – The hocus “science” behind lockdown’

Frauds often have powerful counter-narratives. When Wirecard went straight from a DAX-30 €12bn capitalisation to insolvency in June, we wondered not only why it had taken so long for the auditor to seek confirmation of cash balances but why so many investors had been hoodwinked for so long by its empty claims to have been a legitimate player at the epicentre of the digital payments industry. We had also long been inclined to believe that $4bn FTSE-100 member NMC Healthcare’s management had been siphoning off shareholders’ assets…

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